1 Line Diagram with Short Circuit or Fault Current Calculation


 First ever automatic graphic 1 Line Diagram.


1_line_diagram_power_distributionConstruction documents for projects require the 1 Line Diagram. PowerCalc not only generates all values for the 1 Line Diagram throughout the design process, but also graphically displays them.

These values indicate the information supporting the design’s intent and confirm a balanced and protected power distribution system including: short circuit current, system grounding arrangement, voltage hierarchy and connection to the grid.

New Construction

In new construction, the entire power distribution system must be summarized in either a 1 Line Diagram or Riser Diagram. The 1 Line Diagram is preferred and shows the horizontal relations between the different components of the power distribution system. The Riser Diagram shows the vertical relations.


In renovation, the 1 Line Diagram is the starting point to determine the project’s impact on the existing power distribution system. The designer analyzes the ampacity, capacity and fault current. PowerCalc quickly accomplishes this analysis providing the information necessary to make sound engineering decisions for a cost effective design.


OSHA requires the 1 Line Diagram to be generated and posted in all commercial buildings. General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1) of OSHA 1970 (120.1 and 205.2) referencing NFPA 70E.