Organizations such as Motor City Electric, BMC Consulting and FICE Design trust our patented software to automate the calculations to design electrical systems in buildings for compliance w/ National Electrical Code (NEC) in new construction & renovation.


  • PowerCalc is the automated National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Established in 2002, PowerCalc is the first, and only, SaaS tool to automate electrical engineering calcs for Building, Construction and Facility Management Industries
  • PowerCalc was Product of the Year in 2016 and 2019 (Consulting Specifying Engineer Magazine)
  • PowerCalc is used to design all types of buildings for $BB in construction spend: industrial, government, military, healthcare, commercial, education and ports
  • PowerCalc’s projects include: Ports (Miami, Tampa and New Orleans); Emergency Operation Centers (So. Fl. Water Management District, North Palm Beach and others); Schools (Broward, Palm Beach and others); libraries, fire stations, and government buildings (Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, and others)


PowerCalc is patented software that automatically designs the electrical distribution system in buildings Covered by US Pat. 7,636,650

  • Inputs: only 3 values / circuit (load kVA, load type, # of poles)
  • Outputs: over 300 NEC compliant values
  • 1 Line Diagram: auto & simultaneously generated
  • Easy, exactingly accurate, fast and green
  • Changes: instantaneous across the design
  • Saves 40%+ in design time and 7%+ in energy
  • Industrial: automatically designs Automatic Transfer Switch (ATSDs), motor load centers (MCCs), double ended switch gears and unit substations
  • Units: US Units and Metric
  • Green: listed on US DOE’s Building Energy Software tools