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Last newsletter, we discussed the need for speed in response to increasingly complex buildings and equipment. In this 2nd article of this series , we focus on PowerCalc's unique patented approach to automation - calculations, NEC compliance and integration.

1. The Power of the PowerCalc Algorithm.

PowerCalc is based on a new approach. PowerCalc aggregates values from the bottom-up (from the circuit to the power grid) ensuring that all electrical load calculations are accurate.Then, the calculations are integrated as a single, bundled calculation tied to a proprietary database instead of approaching the calculations one-at-a-time or in segments. Patent

2. The Power of the PowerCalc Panel.

As you know, each engineering company has its own panel schedule. Generally, these schedules are completed manually or using "home made" Excel spreadsheets. In contrast, PowerCalc's panel is used as an "engine" for the calculations and not just as a "placeholder".

3. The Power of the PowerCalc Process.

The user calculates the Branch Circuit (with 3 easy inputs: load kVA, # of poles and load type per circuit) and multiple circuits form a Branch Circuit Panel. The Branch Circuit Panel is then connected to a Distribution Panel and finally these multiple panels are connected to the Main Distribution Panel. Equipment, such as HVAC, pumps,etc can be connected to any of the panels.

PowerCalc's approach of moving from downstream to upstream, results in an accurate and well-designed Power Distribution System. PowerCalc's 7 million + equations do all the calculations.

Then, because all the equations are integrated, any change at any time and for any value is instantaneous. That's instantaneous propagation across the entire power distribution system,including the addition or deletion of loads, voltage, phase and any engineering value. And same holds true for PowerCalc's automatic and simultaneously generated 1 Line Diagram...the first on the planet.

4. The Power of PowerCalc for NEC compliance.

PowerCalc tabulates loads by type and automatically applies the NEC's demand factors The user can manually override demand factors to meet their specific project needs.  Over 300 NEC outputs per circuit. See outputs.

5. The Power of the PowerCalc Wizard.

Become proficient with PowerCalc in minutes with its Wizard. The Wizard is your guide to entering your project's requirements into PowerCalc. You are minutes away from completing your next project with the PowerCalc Wizard.

The best way to see how PowerCalc can speed up your design process is to see it in action. View our video "How to PowerCalc" and sign up for a free trial.

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