Too many calculations ... too little time.


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The Problem

The average 2-story 10,000 SF office building requires thousands of electrical calculations and revisions. Currently, engineers use off-the shelf, legacy products that are difficult to install and time consuming to use. The result is millions of dollars lost in commercial development through inaccuracy, inflated budgets and missed deadlines.                                                      

Solution - PowerCalc: Increase Accuracy and Save Time and Money

Electricals need a tool that is efficient, accurate and consistent on a platform for multiple users in multiple locations.

PowerCalc solves these problems with 3 easy inputs and instant changes. Our cloud-based software adheres to NEC standards and makes it easy for users to access the most advanced technology on-the-go in real time. It is smart software with a proprietary database. 


  • no more endless hours of calculations
  • saves millions of dollars in commercial development, design and construction costs
  • avoids the problems of (1) over design (too much expensive equipment specified), (2) under design (safety issues) and (3) comments from building departments


Nothing compares to PowerCalc.

PowerCalc designs from the bottom-up. That is from the branch circuit out-to-the electrical service entrance.

Other products estimate the total load and panel ampacity and capacity at the start of the project by pre-setting values and associated feeder sizes. Then, the design is “worked down” to the branch circuits. This backward process may result in both over design and under design issues resulting in high costs to correct and potentially hazardous conditions.

PowerCalc is a new way to design, an invention. Covered by US Patent # 7.636.650.

PowerCalc will not alter your current work flow process, yet will increase productivity, save at least 40% in design time and improve the quality of your design. And also:

  • Is cloud-connected: maximize productivity and communications
  • Provides a standardized design process and product across multiple locations
  • Easy to learn and use with consistent results across users
  • Reduce errors and design time
  • Improve work flows between engineers, designers and technicians
  • Allows for storage and remote use of design data as never before possible
  • Automatically updated for NEC and other code changes

For a comparison, see the chart attached. more on competitors.