As announced, PowerCalc won Consulting Specifying Engineer's 2019 Product of the Year award for the  Incredible 1 Line Diagram2019 Product of the Year Winners 

Just this month, PowerCalc designed an 800 unit high-rise condominium complex in Nevada. The Incredible 1 Line Diagram easily scaled to draft  the complex diagram for multiple (2) twenty story high-rise buildings in a mere 15 minutes

Fast, does not even begin to describe this technical achievement. This amazing event took place at a development involving implementation of the latest in IOT, communications, and energy savings technologies. This is a demanding load for cloning, but not an issue for PowerCalc or its Incredible 1 Line Diagram.

 PowerCalc's patented technology not only simultaneously generates the Incredible 1 Line Diagram, but instantly updates it for any change with every input throughout the design process. To this list, we can now also add that it scales for virtually any size project...no matter how large.

The Incredible 1 Line Diagram was up against the big guys again this year: Lutron, Schneider, and Eaton. But once again, PowerCalc  won  Product of the Year. (Software). Back in 2016, we also won for being first in the cloud. 

At PowerCalc, we believe that software should be easy to use and work. These "wins" reflect our commitment to electrical engineering software: easyfast, accurate and green...always in compliance with the NEC and best engineering practices. PowerCalc Product of the Year

PowerCalc calculates all the values for the Incredible 1 Line Diagram with its 7+ million equations automatically designing the entire power distribution system in a building. The Incredible 1 Line Diagram is best in class: fully graphic, automatic, and simultaneously generated. No click, drag and drop is necessary. Use a split/double screen and watch your Incredible 1 Line Diagram generate in sync throughout the design process.  Video: The Incredible 1 Line Diagram

PowerCalc's  changes are automatic and instantaneous, upstream / downstream across your design, and the Incredible 1 Line Diagram keeps up with each and every change. Your power distribution design is always up to the minute ending fuss over this tedious task at the end of a project,  eliminating human error, and delivering exactingly accurate results in at least 40% less design time.The Incredible 1 Line Diagram is a simplified notation representing a single or three phase power system required for posting in commercial buildings and for building permits.

All electrical elements are indicated with standard symbols: distribution panels, lighting and power panels, building equipment, circuit breakers, (OCPD), transformers, disconnects, ATS, generators, buss bars and conductors. The block diagram indicates the flow of power between these electrical elements showing feeder sizes, trip Amp, fault current analysis, equipment AIC and % Voltage Drop. 

In new construction, the Incredible 1 Line Diagram summarizes the entire power distribution system. In renovation, the Incredible 1 Line Diagram is the starting point to determine the project's impact on the existing power distribution system.So now, for the first time, you have a visual reference throughout the design process.

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