We’re off to a robust start with 11 Beta Testers designing projects from homes to industrial and even high rise projects using PowerCalc.

These Beta testers are already providing input and calling to talk NEC issues. We appreciate the dialogue and enthusiasm.

So, what’s happening? Beta testers are providing comments every 2 weeks by notes or calls…and we will incorporate their best thoughts in PowerCalc. Also, they will help monitor our transition from a software that is downloaded to the user’s PC to a Cloud platform. There is a lot going on.


We will continue to keep you updated on developments with this initiative. And we really appreciate the great engineers, general contractors, electricians, and others who have signed up.

And remember to mark your calendars to stop by and see us on April 18th at eMERGE AMERICAs in Miami. Find out more at www.emergeamericas.org and www.powercalc.us.

Try our free package, and here is a video on how to download.


Thank you for your interest.


June Adams

CEO of PowerCalc