Dear Colleague,

Thanks to all for your overwhelming positive response on the launch of PowerCalc's 1 Line Diagram.

Just 2 weeks ago, it was takeoff: the 1st ever automatic, graphic and simultaneously generated 1 Line Diagram. You talked, we listened...and the result is the one and only real time 1 Line Diagram on the planet.

Our patented technology calculates all the values for the 1 Line Diagram with our 7+ million equations. And now, these electrical engineering values are also visual. PowerCalc makes electrical engineering design so easy!

To respond to all of your questions, we are providing free webinars every Thursday through March 29th at noon EST. So, join to discuss the 1 Line Diagram, PowerCalc, the NEC, electrical engineering, particular projects, your engineering issues, your engineering calculations, whatever is on your mind. 

Just sign up at the tab below...and of course, you can always sign up for a Free 30 Day Trialwhich includes the 1 Line Diagram!

Watch PowerCalc's technology in action on a school for the Broward County School System in Florida, the largest school system in the country. It is an incredible illustration of the effectiveness oPowerCalc's 1 Line Diagram for renovation projects. The 1 Line serves as the starting point to determine the renovation design's impact on the existing power istribution system. 

So, join on one Thursday, several Thursdays or every Thursday to see for yourself. It will change the way you do electrical engineering.

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Our software is a fully integrated design application that saves you time and money. This is PowerCalc... an incredibly powerful tool that's unexpectedly easy to use.
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