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PowerCalc™ won Gold in Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s annual contest for Product of the Year 2016.      

Our February 8th newsletter discussed the 7 reasons for winning: the power of (1) the PowerCalc algorithm, (2) the PowerCalc panel, (3) the PowerCalc process, (4) PowerCalc for NEC compliance, (5) the PowerCalc Wizard, (6) PowerCalc in the cloud, and (7) the PowerCalc experience.    

Let’s discuss Reason #3 in more detail: the PowerCalc process.    

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cloud.jpg In the Cloud makes all the difference

Simply, great teams are built on great communications.

PowerCalc’s cloud-connected platform establishes a design procedure to maximize your team’s productivity, communications and project quality. No downloads, no software to install, immediately accessible without any hassle.

Store, sync, and share your files in the cloud so they are always up-to-date in real time. Plus, you can share project files, changes, documents and more anywhere, any time with anyone. You control access and authorizations. Those who “need to know” have real time information.

Everything is tracked so the who, what, where and when is always known. Completed projects are archived for easy and forever access.                                                        

PowerCalc in the cloud will be discussed in more detail in our upcoming article on Reason 6: PowerCalc in the cloud.

Set up Your Documents 

ProfessionCapture 10 B Set Up your Documents.pngal, uniform, up-to-date, standard documentation for all Project Information on all Project Documents. Put the information in once, even your firm’s logo, and it is automatically reproduced on all project documentation.

Do Your Design

Capture 11 Need Another Panel.pngSimple is our commitment.

Need another Panel, just click to add one. Same for Distribution Panels, Building Equipment Schedules, Fire Pump Panels…easy to use throughout the design process. 

Then, just click on any Panel or other form to go back and work on it at any time. Your entire Project is always organized, easy to access and at your fingertips.

When Finished, Just Archive 

Capture 12 Archived Projects (002).png

All current Projects are on your up-to-the-minute Project File. But, when your Project is finished, easily archive it for your access forever.  


On to Easy, Accurate and Fast Design

Now your Project is easily accessible to your team, perfectly organized across the documents, and about to be easily, accurately and quickly designed.

PowerCalc is a new way to design to design the Power Distribution System in a building. It’s a powerful tool with database driven results for fewer design hours, errors, process hiccups and costly mistakes.

The design of the Power Distribution System is now simple and comprehensive. Instead of design by handheld calculators, dummy spreadsheets, AutoCAD Blocks, top-down calculations and “rule of thumb”, PowerCalc aggregates the load from the circuit to the service entrance of the building (bottom-up) for exacting results. No more one-off calculations, PowerCalc is 7 Million+ electrical equations bundled for a single integrated results. To see all the inputs/outputs: More on NEC; Inputs/Outputs

Instead of using the Panel as a placeholder inputting cell-by-cell the results of manually performed calculations, PowerCalc’s Panel takes center stage doing all the calculations, look ups in code tables and displaying the results directly on the Panel form, instantly and accurately. All calculations and re-calculations for changes, are automatic and instant across all Panels for all electrical values in real time.

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Why is all of this important?

savetimesavemoney no logo (002).jpgPowerCalc automates the electrical design process.

It is well established that automation is the driver in our techcentric society and business world.

Automation drives productivity across all businesses large or small. Changes, even small ones, over time snowball into massive gains in productivity.

It includes: automation of processes with databases, standards, and updated procedures resulting in fewer errors, fewer building department comments and fewer issues with finished designs. And, just less time spent on design and repetitive calculations.

To illustrate this point, we’ve put together the chart shown that focuses on design time. It shows how PowerCalc streamlines the design process to save days of engineering man hours. Save Time/Save Money

Let me know what you think…and in our next issue we’ll talk about the power of PowerCalc for NEC compliance. Also, be sure to sign up for our blog.    

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James Khalil, P.E.  

Inventor of PowerCalc

(561) 271-5643

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