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PowerCalc™ won Gold in Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s annual contest for Product of the Year 2016.

In our initial January 24th newsletter in this series, seven (7) reasons for winning were discussed: (1) the PowerCalc algorithm, (2) the PowerCalc panel, (3) the PowerCalc process, (4) PowerCalc for NEC compliance, (5) the PowerCalc Wizard, (6) PowerCalc in the Cloud, and (7) the PowerCalc experience.

In the last article in this series, let’s discuss Reason #7 in more detail: the PowerCalc experience.

It’s Good to Make Money

There’s no way around it, PowerCalc  just makes electrical engineering design more efficient and accurate. Experience at least a 40% savings just in design time. That does not even take into account the lack of mistakes, building department comments and lawsuits.

Now, if you don’t own your company and/or your compensation is not tied to its profitability…you might not care. But great performance by an employee is always rewarded. PowerCalc is gold. 

Lightning.jpgMaking money has always been important to me. Especially, when I established my own engineering consulting firm. And, in our next issue, this is a topic I will discuss in depth. In short, PowerCalc was invented out of necessity to get a lot of work done and has made my consulting firm profitable. Reason #1 The Algorithm 


It’s Good to Automate


PowerCalc automates the electrical design process. 

It is well established that automation is the driver in our techcentric society and business world.

Automation drives productivity across all businesses large or small. Changes, even small ones, over time snowball into massive gains in productivity.

This process includes: automation of processes with databases, standards, and updated procedures resulting in fewer errors, fewer building department comments and fewer issues with finished designs. And, just less time spent on design and repetitive calculations.

To illustrate this point, we’ve put together the chart shown that focuses on design time. It shows how PowerCalc streamlines the design process to save days of engineering man hours.Click to Enlarge Save Time/Save Money

It's Good to Work Together

cloud.jpgAs you all know, PowerCalc is the first electrical engineering software in the cloud. So, you no longer have to worry about access to the latest updates from anywhere, any time or on any device. Reason #3 Process

You also don’t have to worry about team members having the latest project files or working together….it cannot be avoided. Reason #6 In the Cloud

It's Good to Take It Easy

1-1.pngPowerCalc makes the design process easy: just 3 inputs per circuit (load kVA, load type and number of poles). Frankly, anyone can input these numbers freeing the engineer to focus on the actual design for a project such as determining the best way to optimize the power distribution system. Reason #1 The Algorithm

This circuit-by- circuit approach also allows the user to (1) save about 40% in design time and (2) implement instant changes. For electricals, you are at the end of the design process. But, with PowerCalc, these last minute changes by mechanicals or others to move an air handling unit or other changes, are no longer a problem. Because changes are instantaneous. This means that you will not need to spend the weekend working to re-design the entire project due to a last minute change. Reason #2 Panel

Ultimately, it is the user who saves time. So, if you aren’t doing project work at night or on
weekends…just think of the time you’ll have instead for fun, going to the movies, seeing your kids, etc. 

Download User Guide 

It's Good to Be Accurate

1_NEC_Lead.pdf.jpg.pngOther softwares give you blank data tables to fill in. Again, a lot of work for you. But not PowerCalc.

Our proprietary database provides fully populated lookup tables. No blanks for you to fill in or other work for you to do to comply with the National Electric Code. So, put your 1500+ page NEC workbook away. Reason #4 NEC

It's Good to Have a Wizard

And to make it even easier, PowerCalc has a Wizard which further streamlines the process. Reason #5 Wizard

It's Good to Win

1_FOR_1_lINE_6_11_2016.jpgPowerCalc won Gold in 2016 for Product of the Year in software, and we intend to keep winning. We are implementing lots of new apps…such as an automatic and fully integrated 1 Line Diagram. 1 Line Diagram

We’ll be turning to you for your input and vote in the future. Will keep you posted, and our thanks to all of you who voted for us in 2016.

And just to remind you, we are speaking at the Alabama/Mississippi Engineering Societies’ summer convention in beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama over Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29). The topic: Disruption: Designing the Power Distribution System in the CloudVu Deja

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