Looking for Help / Consultants: Save 7%+ Electrical Energy Use in Buildings

Current green initiatives focus on alternative energy such as solar, LED lights and sensors such as those that turn lights on and off.

At PowerCalc, we want to add our energy savings module, ERASE(tm) to this list. ERASE optimizes the distribution of electricity in buildings measuring both decreased energy use /  increased energy efficiencies as well as return-on-investment.

The conductors / wires that distribute electricity are the single largest link between the generation and end-use consumption of electricity. Commit to Green #1 Commit to Green #2 ;Commit to Green #3

ERASE's  approach is unique and will allow energy efficiency to be designed into the  building before it is even built or renovated.

At PowerCalc, we are applying to the National Science Foundation for a grant to prove the effectiveness oERASE in the field /  actual practice. We are seeking consultants to share finished project plans with us for the following types of buildings: data centers, office buildings (high rise), manufacturing facilities, and any other type of commercial building.

For selected plans, we will provide a consulting fee and evaluate the impact of ERASE on energy efficiencies working together with you throughout the implementation of the proposed study.

Contact us at Let us know what projects you wish to share and we will get back with you right away!

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