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Watch to see how PowerCalc applies known science to save 7%+ of electrical energy use. At the NetZero Accelerator of the US Green Building Council's LA Chapter, PowerCalc presented all the details to a shiver of sharks in a feeding frenzy.  Watch the video to see the action for yourself. 

Hi, I’m June Adams, CEO of PowerCalc.

Let’s talk about saving at least 7% of electrical energy use in each circuit, each building, and each city. A dramatic proposition.

There are 2 electrical delivery systems…one is the power grid and the other is the electrical distribution system inside the building. The conductor is the single longest link between where electricity is generated and where it is used…but no one is talking about it.

Why? Because designing the electrical distribution system is complicated…about 2000 calculations for a 10,000 SFoffice building.

PowerCalc is patented software that automates these calculations. It designs differently adding actual electrical demand loads from the circuit to the grid’s entrance to the building or bottom-up. In contrast, our competitors, design from the top-down basing their calculations on estimates.

Simply, PowerCalc’s 7.5 M integrated equations let lots of great things happen—exacting accuracy, fast design, easy, and green.

And, for the first time, the detail of specifying conductor sizes is easily possible resulting in incredible savings in electrical energy use, electrical equipment / copper, and SF of space.

All of this is based on established science. In 1827, Ohm’s law identified the measurement for the electron’s difficulty in passing through material. If there is resistance, heat is produced indicating energy losses. But correctly sizing conductors reduces this resistance and also reduces heat and energy loss.

It is time to implement established science for energy savings of at least 7% with PowerCalc. That’s close to $17 per 20 Amp circuit per year. And, that’s enough energy to run a water heater for 7 days.

What about materials and space?

A recent backup generator installation called for (10) 112 kVA transformers. In a peer review, PowerCalc re-specified this equipment downsizing to (10) 30-45 kVA transformers for over $2 million in savings in a third of the SF of space.

ROI is about 2 years, also calculated by PowerCalc.

Simply, it is time to implement established science for energy savings of at least 7% with PowerCalc.

Last, PowerCalc is well recognized. We’ve included information on our great team as well as a few case studies for your review.

Thank you, and it would be great to speak with interested parties about possible investments and pilot projects.

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And remember, we have a free live / real time demonstration on the first Friday of each month: FREE Demo, Friday, June 4th at 12 pm EST . And here is a video of a recent demo Video of PowerCalc Demonstration Hope you will join us!

 Thank you for your support!  Stay well.

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