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PowerCalc(tm) to Present at the 2nd Annual Aerospace Capital Forum ("Space Florida")

The Florida Venture Forum has selected 16 companies to present and 4 showcase companies at its second annual Florida Aerospace Capital Forum being held at the Guidewell Innovation Center at Lake Nona in Orlando on November 6, 2019.

Pre-registration for the event is available on the Forum's website and walk-up registration will be available onsite. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to pitches from leading companies in the aerospace industry. In addition to networking with active investors and representatives from NASA, Space Florida, OneWeb Satellites and L3Harris.

Presenters were selected by a committee of active venture investors. These companies will present to an audience of investors, other deal professionals and aerospace industry leaders. The 16 selected presenting and 4 showcase companies are listed below:



Alertgy, Melbourne ( has developed the first wearable noninvasive continuous blood glucose monitor (NICGM). Using its proprietary technology, Alertgy can detect blood glucose levels without any invasive probes or sensors, and alert the patient, family, friends and caregivers via its smartphone link and automated alarm capability. These features provide accurate routine blood glucose measurement without the customary needle prick and meter device, and provide potentially life-savings alerts when glucose levels are dangerously high or low.

Bulk Nano, St. Petersburg ( has bootstrapped a composites manufacturing workshop off the ground and have the ability to produce composites for many different applications. They are currently manufacturing fiber reinforced composites for EOD ballistics.

Capacitech, Orlando ( is commercializing patent protected, advanced energy storage technology from University of Central Florida. The company was formed in 2016, won several competitions, and secured grant funding to mitigate technical risk. It now has working technology, significant traction for sustainable revenue, and recently made their first sale.

Censys Technologies, Daytona Beach ( is a Florida-based C-corp that sells long-range commercial drones, documentation services, mobile operation centers and data processing solutions that help drone service providers and enterprises minimize overhead and headache. Their recurring revenue streams include maintenance services, recurrent training, and data processing.

Everix, Orlando ( is disrupting the optical filter market with their high-value and low-cost-to produce solution. Their process creates high-performance filters that are 5x to 20x thinner and lighter than vacuum coated filters which enables their customers to miniaturize their devices. Everix filters are flexible, so for the first time, they allow for the application of high-performance filters on curved surfaces (LiDAR domes, auto-glass, AR/VR headsets, specialty eyewear, smart patches, etc.).

Helical Communication Technologies, Rockledge ( was formed to serve the increasing need for specialized antennas for use with ground-based and space-based communication with satellites placed in low earth orbit and deep space. Helical Communication Technologies is conveniently located in Florida's High Tech Corridor on the Space Coast and draws seasoned experts in the field of radio frequency and aerospace engineering that participated in NASA's manned space program.

Helicon Chemical Company, Orlando ( develops and manufactures next-generation rocket fuel for the military and commercial space industries. They enable the next generation of rocket propulsion technology using nanotechnology-based rocket fuels. They are working with multiple partners in the commercial space sector to lower the cost of space launch operations, and with the military sector to improve missile system safety and increase performance. Helicon provides rocket manufacturers with a technological leap: a new class of fuel that enables simpler, cheaper, safer, and better performing rocket designs.

InitWeather, Melbourne Beach ( uses artificial intelligence and advanced data collection technology to develop more accurate weather forecasts for the aerospace industry to help make better, smarter, and faster weather based-decisions. To date, InitWeather is the only company that is releasing their verified quantifiable results for their increased forecast accuracy using artificial intelligence.

Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc, Daytona Beach ( develops, produces, markets, and supports proprietary wireless sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, and strain in extreme environments. They offer their patented ceramic passive resonators, integrated antenna system, and readers that interface with data acquisition systems (DAQ) that enables wireless sensing in inaccessible locations. They enable Energy and Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to eliminate routing cables while generating data to optimize the utilization of strategic assets.

SynMatter, Merritt Island ( provides smart anticorrosion microparticles utilizing its patented platform technology. These Smart Particles have a triggered release mechanism and only release the corrosion inhibitors at the site of corrosion damage. In standardized corrosion testing, the Smart Particles demonstrated increased anticorrosive performance. They exhibited significant reductions in corrosion product, scribe creepage and blistering. They showed no signs of coating delamination in both salt spray and atmospheric exposure testing on steel and aluminum alloys, when compared to both coatings with no inhibitors and coatings with pure inhibitors.



Launchspace Technologies Corporation, Boca Raton ( is a commercial space services company with a subscription-based, multiple-revenue-stream business plan that addresses a permanent international imperative to maintain national security and spaceflight safety. Launchspace (LTC) is a leader in the key technologies and architectures for solving major national security capability gaps in space, space traffic management (STM) and orbital debris tracking and removal.

PowerCalc, Delray Beach ( is patented and the first SaaS-based platform that completely automates electrical engineering calculations for the Building, Construction and Facility Management Industries in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and other standards. With over 7.5 million bundled calculations, PowerCalc is for a single or multiple facilities and for both new and renovation construction. They are the first to offer SaaS to allow users real time access to the latest standards, calculations and solutions through our cloud-based technology at any time, from any place and on any device.



Metalmark Innovations, Boston, MA ( offers advanced nanostructured air cleaning materials that completely break down interior airborne pollutants such as formaldehyde, other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and ultrafine particulate matter (or UFP, < 0.1 micron) that cause cancer, trigger heart attacks, and result in chronic respiratory diseases. What's more, their cost effective solution can be designed to destroy odors and germs.

Pheronym, Davis, CA/Exploration Park, FL ( the company makes pheromones which control parasitic roundworms, called nematodes. Their product improves plant health and crop yield using pheromones which make good nematodes kill more insect pests in the soil and prevent bad nematodes from attacking crops.

TheIncLab, McLean, VA ( the company focus on the design, development, and deployment of artificial intelligence systems that learn from and collaborate with humans in a deep, meaningful way. They continue to develop the technology platform for interfaces that provide an intelligent human-machine interaction experience. This paradigm addresses the challenge of human-sensing through computer vision, semi-supervised data annotation, natural language and non-verbal communication, managing bias in machine learning systems and realistic simulation of human behavior in reinforcement learning and virtual reality contexts.

Vita Inclinata Technologies, Broomfield, CO ( was founded to save lives and does so by completely eliminating the chaotic motion of cables suspended from helicopters. This swinging occurs in almost every lift and injures 24 people every day. Vita makes a Load Stability System that solves this chronic aviation capabilities gap by completely mitigating that dangerous swing. Helicopter hoisting operations have not significantly changed in the last 70 years, making Vita's Load Stability System (LSS) a welcome innovation. The LSS is primed to cause a paradigm shift in the aviation community as well as in the construction and oil & gas industries, where the same pendulum motion occurs.



American Aviation Technologies, Boca Raton, FL ( is an aircraft design and development company dedicated to advancing aeronautical safety and performance through new and innovative concepts. One of the most transformative is the Halo, a powered lift ducted fan system which allows a seamless transition from vertical to forward flight with unprecedented operational flexibility. Halo's patent-pending design features a unique ring-wing, dual shrouded contra-rotating impellers, a central axle-mounted payload compartment and the ability to take off or land on almost any surface, including water.

Coflow Jet, LLC, Coral Gables, FL ( They are committed to develop green aviation using the ultra-high efficiency electric patented CoFlow Jet(CFJ) airfoil technology. Their current focus is the high efficiency quiet electric vertical takeoff/landing (VTOL) aircraft for short haul cargo, thin haul passenger airliners, and urban transportation.

LVX System, Kennedy Space Center, FL ( Light, because of LVX's work, isn't just for illumination anymore. It's for communication. Data, quite simply, now rides on light. This breakthrough - called Visual Light Communication -- couldn't come at a better time. Wi-Fi, which relies on a limited band of radio frequencies, is at capacity. Lifi, on the other hand, is an untapped visible light spectrum that's 10,000 times the size. More than enough to accommodate the growing number of smartphones, smart appliances, smart cars, smart buildings, even smart cities. Relying on an ecosystem built around specially designed LED luminaires, LVX's technology offers other advantages including security and is a safe alternative to radio waves.

PolyMaterials, Tampa, FL ( is developing a prototype supercapacitor ("Poly3-Scap") suited for consumer electronics, toys, medical devices etc. PolyMaterials is also laying the groundwork for supercapacitor "Poly4M-Scap" of greater voltages (27 to 48V) required for hybrid motor vehicles, power grid, space and large appliance applications.


We'll be sure to let you know about this event and all the great companies presenting!

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