Abel Camarena Arias, Electrical Contractor

News from Mexico

Recently,  we heard from long time PowerCalc user Abel Camarena Arias. Abel is a busy professional in the construction industry as Director General at Altos Ingeniera Electrica in Jalisco, Mexico.  We first spoke with Abel about 24 months ago when work was starting on a large industrial facility. And, Abel has shared his thoughts.

"I have used PowerCalc for all of our projects for the past 2 years...this includes industrial, high rise, commercial and all types of facilities. It has saved us time and money. It is incredibly accurate and ensures that we comply with the NEC's requirements. It is a great tool. It is so easy to use that we learned without a single training class, just from the manual."

"He utilizado PowerCalc para todos nuestros proyectos durante los ultimos 2 anos, esto incluye obra industrial, edificios altos, edificaciones comerciales y todo tipo de istalaciones. Nos ha ahorrado tiempo y dinero. Es increiblemente preciso y nos asegura el cumplimiento con los requisitos de NEC NFPA 70 y la NOM -001-SEDE-2012. Es una gran herramienta. Es tan facil de usar, que todo el equipo lo aprendimos sin una sola clase del manual."

Many thanks to Abel for his input!


 Now to Puerto Rico

This season's hurricanes, especially Maria, have left Puerto Rico crippled with its power grid disabled and buildings in ruin. PowerCalc is here to help our neighbors to the south.

If you sign up for a free trial and let us know that you are from Puerto Rico (address, phone number and even just send us an email), we'll make sure that you get free access to our software for 12 months. This offer includes our powerful automatic, graphic and simultaneously generated 1 Line Diagram when it launches next month.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the lights back on . Electricity is a humbling thing when you don't have it.


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Save Time / Save Money

savetimesavemoney_no_logo.jpgPowerCalc automates the electrical design process.

It is well established that automation is the driver in our techcentric society and business world.

Automation drives productivity across all businesses large or small. Changes, even small ones, over time snowball into massive gains in productivity.

PowerCalc includes: automation of processes with databases, standards, and updated procedures resulting in fewer errors, fewer building department comments and fewer issues with finished designs. And, just less time spent on design and repetitive calculations.

To illustrate this point, we’ve put together the chart shown that focuses on design time. It shows how PowerCalc streamlines the design process to save days of engineering man hours. Save Time/Save Money.

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