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Every day thousands of engineers face the labor intensive work of creating electrical specifications for all types of buildings. It takes thousands of calculations.

The problem is that people in the construction industry need a product to improve efficiency and accuracy, but none exists. AutoDesk can’t do it, nor does any other automation tool.

But PowerCalc solves this problem with just 3 easy inputs per circuit. An engineer can now automatically calculate the entire power distribution system for any construction project. That’s from the light switch to the power grid in any building. And all in compliance with building code requirements.

Updates for construction changes are instantaneous. Also, there is soon to be the first automatic graphic 1 line diagram. And the engineer can do all of this with virtually no training.

PowerCalc saves days of engineering man hours and millions of dollars for both the engineering firm and the developer. It avoids the problem of “overdesign” saving the developer time and money and also “underdesign” so there are no fires or other safety issues.

Our software is the first in the cloud so that your team can collaborate and work together with access to PowerCalc in the field and office.

Our goal is to expand our customer base and make PowerCalc the standard in the construction, building and facility management industries. In the field of electrical engineering for buildings, PowerCalc is magic.Start Free Trial!

This month is very important to everyone at PowerCalc. It is Launch Month for our new product: PowerCalc in the Cloud…the 1st SaaS based electrical engineering software for the design of power distribution systems in buildings.

We’ve been working on this product all year…recoding the over 7 million engineering equations and creating our platform in the cloud…it has been a demanding 24x7 task. There is now a new PowerCalc, a new cloud platform, new website, and lots of new friends.

We invite you to discover PowerCalc in the Cloud at

From 12/1/16 speech by June Adams, CEO PowerCalc

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