Bottom-up design starts at the Branch Circut to ensure accurate results.


Branch Circuit Panel

panel.vector.rylbl_copy-1.jpgThe Branch Circuit Panel organizes the electrical load requirements for a specific project and displays the relevant standard industry information. The User inputs just three (3) electrical values per branch circuit: (1) the electrical load in kVA, (2) selects the number of Poles and (3) selects the electrical load type. Then, the User activates the electrical NODE to connect the panel to the power distribution system.

The result: PowerCalc automatically calculates and displays all branch circuit and panel values. And instantly, PowerCalc’s dynamic database automatically re-calculates and updates all values upstream / downstream across the design for each change. All panel values are always calculated based on the demand load.

Throughout the design process, the Branch Circuit Panel Board also tracks load kVA sorted by load type, total connected load and demand load.