No blanks -- proprietary databases for compliance with NEC IEEE and other standards.

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Compliance with NEC and Other Codes

nec compliancePowerCalc is smart with a proprietary database. It automatically calculates all electrical engineering values to design the entire power distribution system in a building in compliance with the NEC, IEEE Standards 141 and 399,  other applicable codes and engineering standards and NEMA requirements. more on NEC and other standards

Electrical values across the entire power distribution system are integrated by over 7 million+ calculations.

PowerCalc selects appropriate values from its fully populated proprietary data base for compliance with the NEC and other applicable codes and engineering standards. This proprietary data base includes the NEC look up tables. more on inputs / outputs

Manual Override

Although PowerCalc automatically defaults to the appropriate values of the NEC and other standards, the user can elect to manually override these inputs / outputs for project and design requirements.

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