Just 3 inputs / circuit= over 300 NEC and other code outputs



  PowerCalc is smart software with a proprietary database.

  Just 3 inputs / circuit over 300 NEC and other code outputs.


  1. Electrical Load (kVA)
  2. Type of Electrical Load (lighting, motor, etc.)
  3. Circuit Breaker # of Poles (single or 3 phase power)

That’s the entire power distribution system in a building from the branch circuit to the electrical service…for any size building, for multiple buildings like a campus or a high rise building. more on inputs / outputs

Automatic Calculations and Changes

Calculations are automatic. Changes are instant upstream/downstream. All panel boards are generated simultaneously (not just one panel board at a time). more on panels

With 7 million + integrated equations, PowerCalc ends repetitive and tedious calculations. Input each value just one time for repeated use across the entire design. Then, directly export to AutoCad or Revit (coming soon). more on Save Time / Save Money

PowerCalc is a patent protected innovation. Covered by US Patent # 7,636,650. more on patent


With just the 3 inputs listed above, PowerCalc automatically calculates, and instantly re-calculates for all changes, over 300 NEC compliant outputs. PowerCalc also makes certain that the power distribution system is not over designed (saving the owner money) or under designed (a safety concern). more on NEC and other standards.

Manual Override

Although PowerCalc automatically defaults to the appropriate values of the NEC and other standards, the user can also elect to manually override these inputs / outputs for the job and design requirements.

Wizard wizardwand.jpg

To make it even easier, PowerCalc has a Wizard. The user can elect to design using the full panel schedule or using the Wizard to pop up a circuit-by-circuit screen for input. more on Wizard