All panels generated simultaneously for a single integrated result.

panel-1.jpg PowerCalc is a new way to design the power distribution system in a building. It’s a powerful tool with database driven results for fewer design hours, errors and process hiccups.

Instead of design by hand held calculators, spreadsheets, top-down software and “rule of thumb”, PowerCalc aggregates the load from the circuit to the service entrance of the building (bottom up) for exacting results. No more one-off calculations, PowerCalc is 7 million + electrical equations bundled for a single integrated result.

PowerCalc’s panel takes center stage doing all the calculations, look ups in code tables and displaying the results directly, instantly and accurately. All calculations, and re-calculations for changes, are automatic and instant across all panels for all electrical values. more on autocalcs

panel.vector.red_copy.jpgMain Distribution and Distribution Panel Boards: main feeder conductor and conduit size, ampacity, over current protection device (OCPD), main feeder size, voltage drop and ground conductor and electrode. more on MDP and DP

panel.vector.rylbl_copy.jpgBranch Circuit Panel Board: conductor and conduit size, ampacity, over current protection device (OCPD), voltage drop and round conductor. more on BCPB

panel.vector.orange_copy.jpgBuilding Equipment Schedule: electrical characteristics of each branch circuit, size of the over current protection device (OCPD) (fuse or circuit breaker), conductor size and the electrical enclosure frame size and characteristics.more on BE


eNODE™: tracks general information about the project and maps the entire power distribution system aggregating information from the panels, modules and schedules and determining connectivity and power flow. more on eNODE

panel.vector.green_copy.jpgEnergy Savings Module. Tracks conductor sizes circuit-by-circuit to minimize energy losses and maximize energy savings. more on Energy Savings. Export all panels, modules and schedules to AutoCAD or use Revit (coming soon!) to incorporate into the construction documents.